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A.M. P.M. Movers includes packing services as a part of our full-service moves—but we also know everyone likes saving money. How? Consider doing your own packing.
Do-it-yourself packing is a big job, but it can be a worthwhile way to save money on your relocation costs. With the right materials and a little help from AM PM Movers you’ll achieve professional results and protect your possessions.
With this in mind, here are some general packing tips for Tennessee or longer-distance moves.
Cardboard moving boxes - Movers in Morristown, TN


Start with professional materials:
  • Tissue paper
  • Packing paper (plain newsprint)
  • 2″ packing tape
  • Masking tape
  • A utility knife
  • Scissors
  • Permanent markers
  • Professional quality boxes
When it comes to professional-standard boxes, A.M. P.M. has just what you need:
  • Dish pack: Heavy-duty carton for dishes/china, crystal and glassware
  • Double-wall: Extra-protective cartons for fine china, crystal, and other high-value, hard-to-replace items
  • 1.5 cu. ft. cartons: For heavy items such as books, files, music CDs and DVDs/video tapes
  • 3.0 cu. ft. cartons: Often used for pots and pans, toys, and small appliances
  • 4.5 cu. ft. cartons: For bulky items, such as linens, towels or toys
  • 6.0 cu. ft. cartons: For large, bulky, or lightweight articles, such as pillows or large lampshades
  • Wardrobe cartons: A portable closet that keeps clothes or draperies hanging on a built-in bar
  • Mirror cartons: Several sizes of telescoping cartons for framed pictures, mirrors or glass
  • Mattress cartons: Available in queen/king, double, single, twin, and crib sizes. Use a separate carton for box springs
  • Stretch wrap: A special plastic covering that safely adheres to furniture and protects it from snags, tears, and dirt
Contact your AM PM Movers about materials available for purchase. Use newspaper for cushioning only; never place printed paper against items, as the ink will rub off. It can get embedded in fine china, so be wary!

Basic Packing

If you decide to do the packing yourself, plan to have everything properly packed and ready for loading when the moving van arrives. Complete all packing the evening before moving day. Leave out only essential, personal items you’ll need that night, the next morning and immediately at your destination. Here’s a handy checklist:
  • Follow a timetable – people often underestimate how long it takes to pack!
  • Start with items you won’t need right away, such as belongings stored in the basement, garage or attic
  • Packing room-by-room will help you stay organized
  • Establish work areas in each room
  • As you complete a room, sort packed boxes by weight (light, medium, heavy) to make loading the moving van easier and quicker
  • Limit cartons to a maximum weight of 50 pounds
  • Provide plenty of cushioning by packing loosely crumpled, plain newsprint in the bottom of boxes. Leave room at the top for more crumpled paper
  • Wrap all fragile, breakable items in paper before packing them in boxes
  • Pack large and heavy items first, smaller items next, filling in all empty spaces with plain newsprint
  • Use only sturdy cartons that can be easily closed (don’t overstuff), then tape top seams securely. Do not use plastic containers to pack your belongings
  • Label boxes clearly with your name, location where the box should go in your new home, and a brief description of the contents
For best results, have A.M. P.M. Movers pack these items:
  • Marble or glass tabletops, heavy wall ornaments, and mirrors 40″ x 60″ or larger
  • Pool tables and pianos
  • Bulky, fragile items like large trophies, statues, chandeliers, etc.
  • Major appliances
Our A.M. P.M. professionals will check your packed boxes to ensure safe transportation. If we believe that items are improperly packed or cartons are susceptible to damage, we may ask you to re-pack these items.

Detailed Packing, Room by Room

What Not to Pack

Labeling and Other Tips from the Pros

Call A.M. P.M. Movers, home of the best packing tips in Tennessee or anywhere else. We’re ready to answer your questions today at 1 (800) 560-1215 or via our convenient contact form.