Keep the Green: Tennessee Plant Moving Tips from A.M. P.M. Movers



Because they are living things, plants are considered perishable and need special handling & care to prevent damage during transportation. They need air, comfortable temperatures, and adequate humidity. For these reasons, most insurance will not cover any loss or damage to plants.
If moving state to state, find out if plants can cross state borders. A few agricultural states have strict rules about bringing plants within their borders. Florida and California, for example, grow valuable cash crops they want to protect from bugs or disease that may be on plants you bring with you. Be prepared to be asked about plants and fruits in your vehicle.
Be prepared for restrictions! Call your local U.S. Department of Agriculture to check on regulations.
Van filled with plants - Movers in Morristown, TN
Barring any restrictions, here’s an easy way to prepare your plants ahead of your move:
Exchange clay pots for unbreakable plastic containers. Ceramic pots full of dirt and plants can be heavy to move and are easily breakable. To protect both the plant and the expensive pots, transplant the plants into plastic containers just big enough for the size of the plant 2-3 weeks before moving day.
Transplanting is a shocking experience for plants, and moving day is going to be tough on them too. Transplant far enough in advance to let them bounce back and be strong for moving day.
Transplanting your plants into clean plastic pots and sterilized potting soil also gives you a chance to look them over for any kind of pests you want to eliminate about a week before you move.
With A.M. P.M. Movers’ plant moving tips, your Tennessee move just got simpler. Contact us today for further tips; we’re always happy to answer your questions!