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It’s true that moving can be painful, but working with the right moving company can take away many of the worst hassles. From last-minute moves across town to relocation across the country, A.M. P.M. Movers offer these simple tips on finding the best professional movers for your upcoming move.
  1. Don’t work with moving brokers. Brokers are not representatives of moving companies; they’re simply middlemen who aren’t responsible for any damages incurred from the move. Don’t put yourself at risk. Simply ask up front if the moving company you have selected is a broker or an actual moving company.

  2. Before talking with a mover, decide in advance which goods will be shipped and which will be sold or given away. Then consider whether or not you would like the mover to pack and what other type of additional services you may want.

  3. Remember that packing is always a separate bid from moving. An estimator may come to your home and create a bid or may give you a phone estimate. Moves that are less than 50 miles away are usually priced by the hour.

  4. Get involved in the estimating process by meeting the relocation consultant who surveys your home and prepares the written estimate.

  5. Ask each prospective mover how long the estimate is valid for and whether it is a binding or non-binding. A.M. P.M. Movers provides binding estimates. This means your quoted price won’t change unless you change destinations or add items not included in the initial inventory. The advantage of binding quotes is that you’ll know your exact costs with no surprises at the other end.

  6. Inform the mover of unusual situations (on either end of the move) so your estimate is accurate. These might include parking problems, road access, street accessibility, delivery-time restrictions, or involvement of stairs or elevators that increase costs.

  7. Try to reserve a parking space for the moving van if your new home is on a congested street. In addition, advise the consultant if you are moving to a high-rise building where an elevator reservation is required. This can cause problems for the delivery schedule if the mover does not know about this in advance.

  8. Check the reliability of the moving company via the local Better Business Bureau (BBB). A.M. P.M. Movers is proud to have an ‘A’ rating with the BBB.

  9. Inquire about the company’s complaint record and how these complaints were resolved. Ask your friends, family and neighbors for recommendations and advice on movers.
  1. Check for the DOT license number. All movers are required to be licensed; however, interstate movers are required to meet additional criteria:
    • Publish tariff or price lists to anybody who requests a copy
    • Participate in a dispute-settlement program in the event of a dispute (for example, a dispute over loss or damage to a shipment while in the hands of the mover)
  1. Find performance reports on larger, interstate moving companies by calling the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC).

  2. Contact your local department of consumer affairs to ask about prior complaints regarding the movers you’re considering. If the move is within your state, request the same information from your state’s transportation department and public utilities commission.

  3. Ask all movers for references.

  4. Understand loss or damage coverage. All licensed movers must provide liability for the value of goods they transport. There are different levels of liability that you need to be aware of. Be sure you understand the amount of protection and additional charges that may apply.
  1. Ask the right questions:
    • Does your company subcontract its moving services? (A.M. P.M. Movers doesn’t.)
    • Which subcontractors may move my home? (This doesn’t apply at A.M. P.M.)
    • Will the contents of my home be on one truck the entire time? At A.M. P.M., the same crew that loads you will unload you. We never load your contents into another truck or warehouse unless you have specifically asked for temporary storage.)
    • What services are not listed on this bid, and what do you charge for them?
    • What training do your movers and/or packers receive, especially for packing and moving fragile items? (Remember, A.M. P.M. utilizes binding quotes that don’t change unless your moving criteria changes.)
It’s time to find a mover in Tennessee who has an average of 5 years’ moving experience. At A.M. P.M. Movers, we’re also trained in the latest loading and packing techniques. Have more questions for us? Call us toll free at 1 (800) 560-1215 today.